Gunners Mount - M1911 Armorers Plate
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Gunners Mount - M1911 Armorers Plate
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Gunners Mount - M1911 Armorers Plate
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1911 Armorers Plate


Present Arms is proud to introduce our new Patent Pending 1911 Armorer's plate.


The 1911 Armorers plate is designed to assist the 1911 user in holding the weapon while disassembling, cleaning, repairs and reassembly of the firearm. The Synthetic Polymer Block will hold the firearm and its components in a secure position yet not mar or scratch the firearms surface's.  See what Personal Defense World has to say about this product.  Go to: 


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Supplied with our 1911 single stack pistol post, the pistol post can also be used on any of our Gunner's Mounts with or without the swivel.


Supplied with our small swivel for full 360 degree rotation, providing full articulation of the firearm on the plate, fits any of our mounts.


1911 Armorers Plate machine cut with two parts trays/pockets to keep weapon components from drifting off .


1911 Armorers Plate machine drilled to hold the frame secure by the grip bushings when removing the Main Spring Housing Pin.


1911 Armorers Plate machine cut to hold the Barrel secure for Barrel Link Pin removal.


1911 Armorers Plate machine cut to accommodate Barrel Link Pin when removed.


1911 Armorers Plate machine cut to accommodate the inverted small swivel.


The Main Spring Housing when held down and pushed on the swivel pin, enables easy removal of the Main Spring Cap Pin . No need to set up in a vise for removal.


Take a look at our 1911 Fixture Block which makes detailed disassembly and assembly much easier. It can be used with any of our other pistol posts.


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“A must have for every 1911 shooter”. Aids in holding the 
weapon for disassembly, cleaning, repairing and reassembly. 
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Made in the USA


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